Thursday, May 17, 2012

The view from here: Sunshine yellow

Not yellow
We've not been having the best weather recently. This is a pretty typical scene from the week, but on Monday it was sunny and warm. Perfect for a walk down to the bakery to pick up the lunchtime baguette. I was on my own so I grabbed my camera and took the long way round with the intention of capturing some of the charming French features of our neighbourhood for you.

Yellow 1
The first thing I saw as I walked out the gate though was this bright yellow hunk of America parked outside my neighbour's house! Never seen it before and quite a step up from the beat up scooters we usually see around here.

Having been dazzled by that I found myself seeing yellow wherever I looked.

Yellow 3
Yellow 2
Yellow 4
Flowers, of course. Dandelions and buttercups are everywhere at the moment.

Yellow 10
House signs. Love the old tile peeking out behind the new numbers.

Yellow 13
Bonus Berry Blog points if you know what Chevrefeuille is!

Yellow 5
A flash of yellow decoration on this house in the trees.

Yellow 8
This cheerful chap is a a well known local but I'd never noticed the yellow fleur de lis decorating his wall before.

Yellow 7
Yellow 6
Yellow 9

Yellow 11
Past the post office...

...and municipal planting in full golden bloom...

Yellow 12
...I reached my destination. Our favourite bakery that just happens to have a yellow sign! I knew that but only really saw it once I started looking out for yellow.

Yellow 14
And what did I buy? A tarte aux poires. A yellow dessert to finish off my yellow walk! Yum.

I hope you had a sunny day today!


  1. What an awesome post - love all the pics and love all the yellow. That fellow peaking out from the stonework window thought is freaky with a capital F. Do not like. The pear tart on the other hand looks divine - a just reward for taking some lovely photos
    P.S. Honeysuckle?

  2. Great theme for a fun post! Loved these familiar sights of La Belle France... I would not mind getting my hands on (not necessarily in that order:) 1. The charming "maison de banlieue" 2. la tarte aux poires 3. The house sign "Le Chevrefeuille." -- I will leave the rainy weather to you. Seattle has been enjoying 7 consecutive days of sun (quite inexplicably) and I love it. Bonne semaine. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. Looks like we got lucky last week! Honeysuckle, but I cheated... I would have guessed "cheese flower"! I took that same pic of your sign, love it. It was great to see you and your beautiful family and home. See you soon--

  4. I enjoyed the walk - yellow always lifts one's spirits.
    Bon weekend.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I have the pictures to look at today as the skies are very grey and miserable!

  5. so fun! we've been having a lot of rain but i'm hoping the end is in sight. loved your cheerful yellow photos - especially the stamped fleur de lis!

  6. Love this post! So nice to walk along with you through yellow! I once had the bravery to paint a wall a very sunny shade of yellow. At the time I felt I should be more sensible with a mustard sort of color but I went for sunny and bright. I no longer live where that yellow wall brightened but maybe again someday! I am having such a nice time scrolling through your blog, waiting for laundry, avoiding some work and drinking an iced tea. Thank you!


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