Friday, June 29, 2012

The return

We're back in California enjoying visits with friends, blue skies and this view from the deck of the house we've rented for the month.

The house is at the top of a mountain half an hour from where we used to live and so very different from our own California home which we chose to rent out while we are living in France. We're getting used to it though and the neighbours are pretty cute!


In other news of reverse culture shock - Florence is endlessly fascinated by the ice that comes with your drink, I actually gasped the first time an elevator door opened to reveal so much space and I can understand all the radio commercials. Turns out I wasn't missing much with that one!

Have a good weekend wherever you are!

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  1. No ice in drinks in France? I would cry. Ha. What a beautiful view! Welcome back (at least for the moment).


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