Friday, June 15, 2012

Running away to the circus

Circus 1
Tomorrow is the last day of the school year for India, Georgia and Savannah. The last few weeks have been a whirl of end of term activities, the most of exciting of which have been the extended field trips.

Georgia and Savannah spent a week with their class staying in this former château in Chaudon, an hour west of Paris, learning all the tricks of the circus.

Circus 7
This was the longest time either of them had ever spent away from home and we missed them. With just two kids at home, the house was disconcertingly quiet so I was glad when Friday came around and we could pack a picnic and set off towards the big top to see the end of week show.

Circus 2
The show did not disappoint. We had received letters from the girls during the week telling us which circus acts they had been rehearsing, but it was a surprise when Georgia appeared in the ring with a microphone to tell the first clown joke. Her school reports always say that she needs to be more outspoken and confident so this was testament to what a benefit this trip was for her.

Circus 5
Savannah specialized in juggling and hula hooping.

Circus 4
Circus 3
And they were both stars on the big red ball.

Circus 8
Sisters happily reunited.

Circus 10
After a class picnic in the château grounds, we went for a little walk around the village. Just an hour's drive away from home, we were deep in the countryside and the architecture was completely different.

Circus 11

Circus 12
The best poppies we've seen this poppy season.

Circus 6
When we first told the girls we would be moving to France, the piece of information that most brightened their spirits was that they would get to go on this trip at the end of the year. It has been tough for them to change schools and make new friends and there have been many difficult and lonely days in the course of this year. They came back from this trip filled with joy, having loved every minute of it and with their friendships with classmates cemented. It created such a positive end to the year and will help them enter the new school year with a lot more confidence.


  1. What a fantastic experience for your girls. Ah, la Belle France! Loved seeing the pics of your budding artists. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. What a great idea to get the kids out of their comfort zones and learn some new skills. Never know when fire twirling might come in handy. You'll be set when the zombie apocalypse comes!
    Do they do all this in French or in English?

    1. It wasn't immersion, they had their English speaking class teachers with them, but the circus instructors were all French so a good bit of exposure to the language at least!

  3. This sounds so wonderful! What a great experience for your girls. And the pictures are fantastic!


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