Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wish You Were Here... Weeks 3 & 4


A cold, grey day in early January is probably the only time you could hope to get a photograph of the front of the Château de Versailles with no one else around except your own friends. The relatively small number of visitors inside, made for a great tour and certainly made me appreciate being a local.


Gallettes des Rois are our favourite French tradition. This year we had four - one of them baked by India. Florence was almost able to carry out her role, designated by her status as the youngest in the family, to call out who should get each slice. However, having crowned herself Queen before the cake was even cut into, she lost interest and it was left to Savannah to do the honours.

Don't forget to check out all the other virtual postcards in the Wish You Were Here... project. Each week they get better and better!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A New Arrival








This week there was a new arrival chez Berries. Juliet the cat. India has been asking for a cat for some time and she finally persuaded us with a convincing power point presentation and a promise to take full charge of the litter box! She used her Christmas money to pay the adoption fees, so Juliet really is India's cat but we have all fallen for this sweet, dainty, affectionate cat.

You may have noticed that it's been more that a week since my last Wish You Were Here... post but there's a good reason for that. My little personal project has exploded into a full grown collaboration with an amazing and talented group of photographers from all around the world!

At the end of last year I took two inspirational photography workshops taught by Deb Schwedhelm, Breaking the Mold and Continuing the Journey. They helped me focus on what I do and what I want to be as a photographer and she encouraged me to identify a personal project that would help me develop my photography. I came up with Wish You Were Here... and in an attempt to keep me motivated for the year, invited alumni from the Continuing the Journey workshop to join me. I expected one or two people to be interested. We are now a group of 23 with a waiting list!

We now have our own website,, which I am curating and each week we will share virtual postcards from our lives. Please visit us and see how the year unfolds from Alaska all the way down to Australia.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A New Start

Bonne Année! I hope you all had a good Holiday Season. Ours was fun and action packed. That on top of the fact that the day after I wrote my last post here, our house was burgled again and my camera and computer were stolen, explains my long absence. My camera gear has now been replaced and improved so I am back in action and looking forward to photographing what will be a year of change for us, although exactly what form that change will take is still unknown!

I don't know how much time I will have for writing blog posts but I do want to keep a record of our life, so I have decided to start a weekly photographic project so that I will be sure to share something at least once a week. I'm calling it Wish You Were Here... and the photographs and message will be a weekly postcard from our life whatever it looks like!


We started the first week of the New Year skiing and eating cheese in the Alps with good friends from California.
We ended it at the Christmas Fun Fair in the magnificent Grand Palais with our first Paris friends, back for a visit to the City of Light from their new home in the Netherlands.
Such a treat to spend time with both families who we wish were here with us all the time!
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