Thursday, January 9, 2014

A New Start

Bonne Année! I hope you all had a good Holiday Season. Ours was fun and action packed. That on top of the fact that the day after I wrote my last post here, our house was burgled again and my camera and computer were stolen, explains my long absence. My camera gear has now been replaced and improved so I am back in action and looking forward to photographing what will be a year of change for us, although exactly what form that change will take is still unknown!

I don't know how much time I will have for writing blog posts but I do want to keep a record of our life, so I have decided to start a weekly photographic project so that I will be sure to share something at least once a week. I'm calling it Wish You Were Here... and the photographs and message will be a weekly postcard from our life whatever it looks like!


We started the first week of the New Year skiing and eating cheese in the Alps with good friends from California.
We ended it at the Christmas Fun Fair in the magnificent Grand Palais with our first Paris friends, back for a visit to the City of Light from their new home in the Netherlands.
Such a treat to spend time with both families who we wish were here with us all the time!


  1. Fantastic idea for a blog series - killing two birds with the one camera (motivation and record keeping).
    How annoying you were burgled again - sounds like your landlord needs to beef up the security. At least the sewing machine was okay and I hope you got to upgrade your camera to something a little better? (I always take those opportunities to upgrade, cheeky, but hey.) Wishing you all the best and many more fun adventures for 2014!

  2. I am so sorry your house got robbed... again! That is really, really sucky :(
    On a lighter note... your project sounds wonderful! x


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