Friday, November 15, 2013

A walk in the park















We spent this Autumn's half term on a much overdue trip to England. We started off in London to celebrate fortieths with our college friends and to take the girls to museums and a show. We made it to the Science Museum and Madame Tussauds but despite promising ourselves that we would make our first ever visit to the Tower of London, we never did get there! Although Keith spent five years in London working in an office right next door to that most famous of London landmarks none of us have ever visited. When you live in a city you mostly don't see it with tourist's eyes and even though it's over a decade since we lived in London, we feel like locals as soon as we return. This also explains why I hardly picked up my camera while we were there. That and the incessant rain!

After a fun few days in London we headed up to the North East to visit Keith's family and celebrate a special birthday for his Mum. The girls were thrilled to spend time at Grandma's and meet her new dog Jake for the first time. After a wet time in London we were pleasantly surprised with some beautiful fall days and made the most of the chance to get outside and enjoy them. These photographs are from a walk from Grandma's house to the park where Daddy used to play. The play structure has been upgraded but the sledging hill is just the same, although at this time of year it was covered with leaves not snow!

Happy memories from our visit to one of the many places we call home!


  1. Beautiful photos!! I love the jumping series! (You will have to share your secret with me of how you created that effect!) Love it!! Aren't parks wonderful - kids can just play, relax, hang out and just have a freedom to be!! Glad you had a nice break!

  2. Beautiful pictures recording happy times together. Thank you.

  3. What a lovely photowalk! I especially like the photos under the curtain of yellow leaves. Jean

  4. I love that your daughter is wearing Docs! I'm desperate for a new pair even though the last time I wore them I was fourteen and they were purple :)

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