Sunday, June 3, 2012


We took a cruise on the Seine last night, partying again with all those American friends who are about to leave Paris.

It was such a fun night that we needed a quiet day in front of the TV today! Perfect for taking in some more river action - the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames. Sadly the Queen wasn't as lucky with the weather as we were, but it was still an amazing event. My favourite part - church bells being rung from a barge sailing down the river!

House Hoop
It was also Fête des Mères (Mother's Day) in France today. We are totally confused as to when to celebrate Mother's Day as British Mothering Sunday is on the fourth Sunday in Lent, America (and most of the rest of the world) celebrate on the second Sunday in May and France marks the day on the last Sunday in May - except when Pentecost falls on that day which it did this year, then it's moved to the first Sunday in June. Phew! Suffice to say we kind of missed them all but this lovely felt hoop was a sort of present to myself made by the talented Melissa Crowe one of my favourite Etsy sellers. It arrived all the way from Portland, Maine this week and I love it!

So this weekend, I was proud to be British, honoured to be adopted by America and loving living in France!

If this was your special day, I hope it was a good one!


  1. Well, before it rolls around next year, you should announce that you celebrate all three days! Knowing you, I would say that your daily life is a bit of celebration where the goodness and joy is seen in the faces of your family. (okay, I've only seen one, but I'm convinced)


    1. You've hit the nail on the head, Genie! I love what I do and really prefer the spontaneous special moments rather than the Hallmark dictated ones! That said, I have been enjoying my large box of French chocolates that Keith bought for me last week!!

  2. Bonsoir Nicola. Busy weekend, eh? I approve of your decision to embark on a Seine river tour. I can't believe some people stay away from them because "they are so touristy." -- Duh. Hope your friends will keep fond memories of that night ride while admiring the lights of Paris. On another note, I do like your "present to yourself." -- I shop on Etsy too. Bonne semaine. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. Looks like a fantastic night, what a great shot of the tower.
    We missed Aussie Mother's Day too (someone *cough* forgot and had to be reminded so he would call his own mother in Australia) so we celebrated on Sunday. The kids like it that way as they make presents and learn poems at school to recite to me, so we stay in sync.
    I really love Melissa's work too - I think her felt portraits are so cute.

  4. Hi Nicki, Jeff is home for a few weeks and as we had just been laughing over his lapse in Mother's Day wishes this year, I read him your blog entry and he exclaimed"see that's why I can'r keep it straight!" You got him off the hook. Kristy

  5. Hooray! So glad it arrived safety and that you love it!


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