Thursday, July 14, 2011

Discovering Treasures

With only a month until we move Keith and I spent the whole of last week sorting through the contents of our garage, deciding what we want to keep, what we should donate and what we should simply throw away. Of course this was the week the temperature climbed to 100+ every day which wasn't exactly ideal conditions for this kind of work but we carried on regardless and by the end of the week definite progress had been made!


An unexpected benefit of all this time in the garage (in addition to the above space now being empty) was the opportunity for the family to spend time together. With no planned activities the big girls still managed to find plenty to entertain them.

Orange Stand

They set up an orange juice stand using the last of the oranges from our tree and furnished it with stuff they found in the garage.

Georgia. Bike

Savannah. Bike

Georgia and Savannah finally got confident riding their bikes without training wheels...

Florence. Bike



...and Florence discovered there's a bike for her!

I also found some unexpected 'treasures' of my own.

Sewing Machine Teapot

I think my Dad gave me this sewing machine tea pot for Christmas a long time ago. It's not exactly my style but it will look cute on a shelf in my future sewing room!

Eiffel Tower. Puzzle

And why on earth have we kept this puzzle of the Eiffel Tower in a box in the garage since before the children were born?! Maybe waiting until it was really relevant to our lives? The girls have had fun putting it together anyway.

Spinning Toy

And this is another toy that I've seen once every five years when I've done a sort out and thought it might be useful one day. Well now its day has arrived!

Much slower progress is being made this week inside as I tackle all the closets on my own, but I'm happy to report that today I filled six black garbage sacks of rejects from my clothes closet. Really, we should do this more often!

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