Sunday, July 24, 2011

Corners of our Home


This is the view of Florence's nursery from our bed. She shares a (quite large) corner of our master bedroom and when we move to France she will have her own room for the first time.

Since Florence arrived, this has been such a happy and peaceful space in the house. Before we turned it into a nursery that corner was mostly filled with laundry and forgotten toys, but now it is her place to sleep eat and play. When she wakes up in the morning she loves to open up the shutters, a huge grin spreading across her face, and recently she has started insisting on being the one to shut them again before bedtime. The beautiful bird mobile was made by my friend Noreen for my baby shower and it is a treasured possession. We hung it above the chair so that we could see it from every part of the room and Florence will watch it while she nurses. Now she likes to blow on the birds to make them fly! I have been watching the birds drift in the breeze from this vantage point since the last weeks of my pregnancy and they have just as much of a calming effect on me as they do on Florence.

We have brought each of our babies home to a different house, but Florence has lived in her first home for the longest. With only three days to go until the movers come in and start stripping away all the things that make our house a home, I wanted to share this special corner of it to record and preserve the memories.

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  1. Our kids shared our room for quite some time, too, and are now sharing a room with each other. We'll be giving them their own rooms soon, but right now, I like the fact that they're together. I miss having a little one in our room at night, though.

    This looks like such a sweet little space for Florence (I love her name, by the way; we live in Florence, Kentucky!) and that bird mobile is gorgeous!

    Good luck with your move!


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