Thursday, June 23, 2011

Paris. That's where the Eiffel Tower is...

Eiffel Tower. Day

Eiffel Tower. Night

...and soon it will be home to the Berry family. We are back from a quick (and fortunately, successful) house hunting visit to Paris and the only photos I took were of the Eiffel Tower!

Paris Engagement

When this photograph was taken at the top of the Eiffel Tower on the day we got engaged, way back in November 1997, we could not have imagined that the next time we visited would be with our FOUR daughters!

Eiffel Tower. Girls

We didn't have much time for visiting the sites on this trip, but the girls really wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower which we could see from our hotel room and pretty much anywhere else we were. It really does dominate the skyline and Keith will see it every day on his new ten minute commute to work.

As we were walking away from the Eiffel Tower along the leafy boulevards of central Paris, India said she thought that she would like living here a lot. I hope she does. I hope we all do!

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  1. Saw your post over on PatchworknPlay and came over to say hi and Welcome to France. I am a Brit living in France!! We moved here 8 years ago. We live in Rochechouart near Limoges. Hugs Linda


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