Friday, June 10, 2011


Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school, India's last day ever at their current school. It's a happy day but also a sad one as the girls and I said goodbye to their teachers and their friends. It wasn't as sad as I expected, it's always hard to move on one from grade to the next anyway and we are all looking forward to the opportunities at their new school.

Last Lunch

Yesterday I found myself getting all sentimental as I made and packed up the last lunch of the year. I do not love this morning chore, but here it is a record of my everyday from the last ten months! Next year the girls will get hot lunch provided by French Chefs - or so says the new school's website - so these could be my last packed lunches for a while!


Each of the girls wanted to make something special for their teachers. After some ambitious project ideas from India we settled on Portrait Bookmarks from Handmade Home. India has already done quite a bit of embroidery, but this was the first time for Georgia and Savannah. They did a wonderful job with very little guidance from me once they got started. This has been by far the most successful of the sewing projects I have introduced the girls to - they liked the idea of drawing with thread and the guided hand stitching is very calming.

Portrait Bookmarks

The week rushed to a close so I did the machine construction for them - special gifts for special teachers.

Follow Your Dreams...
The new tile wall unveiled at school yesterday.

Now we are all off to follow our dreams at a new school in a new country...

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