Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things to do on a rainy June weekend in California

Zip Line

Build a zip line for your toys...


Teddy had a blast!

Megan's Quilt. Label

Finish a quilt for your friend's birthday...

Megan's Quilt. Front

Make the most of the overcast lighting to take funky photos of it!

Bathroom sign

Impress your twin sister with your ability to spell the word bathroom all by yourself. Make Mummy smile with your cute drawing. Wait for Daddy to come home to fix the problem inside the bathroom!

Savannah stitching

Start sewing a teacher gift.


Make (lots of) pompoms.

Cloudy day

The weather recently seems to be training us for our return to Europe. We should have spent the weekend at the pool, but we kept ourselves busy inside. I'm impressed at what the girls achieved once I said no more T.V.! And yes, my first proper post is about the weather - I'm British - it's my birthright!

In other news... Florence blew her first kiss. No photographic evidence, just a memory to preserve.

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  1. Hi Nicola, couldn't find an email addy for you so thought I'd pop in here to say g'day and best of luck for your move to France. Some of it's hard work, some of it's great fun. Like anything I suppose!
    Have you thought about activating your email address on your blogger account so that folks can reply to you directly via email? It makes it easier for folks to reply to you- you'll probably find you get lots more replies to your comments if you enable email. I know I did once someone suggested I do the same.
    P.S. Fab zip line idea, makes me wish we had somewhere to hook one up. I'd love one that worked in reverse too, so I could get the kids to take all their stuff back up to their rooms!


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