Thursday, November 17, 2011


Having spent our life savings on winter coats hats, gloves and scarves for the girls yesterday, as temperatures here drop towards freezing, I thought it was time to bring back the sunshine with a look at the photos of our Toussaint trip to Corsica.

We stayed in a gorgeous villa above the town of Calvi on Corsica's north west coast. The water in the swimming pool was freezing, but the sea was still warm and apart from one rainy day, we had perfect weather.

Legend has it that Christopher Columbus was born in Calvi's citadelle.

We spent a cloudy day walking the ramparts, a maze of steep cobbled streets surprisingly devoid of any commercialization.

Cathedrale St-Jean-Baptiste
The citadelle is dominated by the Cathedrale St-Jean-Baptiste.


This wouldn't be a Life in France blog without a photo of an interesting door!

Roof tops
Looking down on the town from the ramparts. Calvi was quiet while we were there but it must be packed in the summer and new tourist accommodation is being built everywhere.

Calvi's motto inscribed above the gateway to the Citadelle.

We were there for Calvi's 20th Annual Festival Du Vent a slightly underwhelming event in our opinion but it was fun to spend a morning wandering round the festival stalls.

Bottle tops
Must try this idea for re-using French milk bottle tops. Spotted at the children's music stand.

All flavours of soap from Provence.

After such a busy summer getting ready to move, we really wanted a relaxing half term break and this trip was just right.

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  1. Beautiful pics - love the soft blues and terracottas together. We went to Corsica for Easter last year and it was fantastic, such incredible scenery and extremes, from ocean to mountain.
    You know I have so many saved bottle caps - I love that idea but am less crazy about drilling holes in all of them!


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