Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday Sightseeing

Living in France has it's frustrations, such as waiting eight weeks for furniture to be delivered only to have the delivery guy leave behind somebody else's bookshelf and then take another week to come back for it! But quite often there is an "I can't believe we're really here!" moment. Being stuck in traffic but still seeing the lights on the Eiffel Tower sparkle or living close enough to Versailles that you can spend the morning running errands and then spend all afternoon wandering around Marie Antoinette's Estate.

Queen's Hamlet. Lake
The trouble with sightseeing on your way home from the shops is that you are apt to forget your good camera and you're back to being frustrated. It was the most beautiful Fall day though and the sights were ridiculously picturesque so I snapped away all afternoon on my phone camera applied some Instagram filters and here you are...

Queen's Hamlet. Mill
The Mill in The Queen's Hamlet

The Farm

We arrived with a picnic at lunch time through the Porte Saint-Antoine. Parking was easy, crowds were small and we were home in time for dinner!

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  1. What beautiful pictures! I am jealous of the gorgeous scenery you have in your backyard.


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