Monday, July 22, 2013

Beach Day

Ever since we got back from Crete we've been having the most amazing weather right here in Paris. Such a welcome change from the miserable, cold Spring we had. The girls have been happy relaxing at home and playing in the garden, but the first good summer I've experienced in Northern Europe for years was making me nostalgic for the seaside of home and summer holidays in France. The closest beach to us is two hours away, but it's an easy drive so the girls and I decided to get up early on Friday and go for it. By 11 o'clock - the time when most days everyone has still been in their pyjamas - we were happily settled in under one of Deauville's famous beach umbrellas and pleasantly suprised to find we had the beach almost to ourselves!

Savannah and water
The last time I was in Deauville, aged about six, I was miserably sick with tonsillitis and didn't enjoy myself at all. I had a much better day this time and so did the girls. The soft sand of the beaches in the English Channel makes such a good playground.

The beach is huge and it's a long walk out to the sea when the tide is out. These colourful markers placed all along the beach help finding your way back to your towel so much easier. I thought that was such a great idea.


We spent all day on the beach, but once tummies started rumbling, we set off for the neighbouring town of Honfleur for dinner. The GPS took me through the country roads to get there and it was such a pretty drive to an incredibly pretty town.

Honfleur shop fronts
We didn't have time to explore, but a quick stroll around the old harbour gave us plenty to enjoy.

La terrasse
We ate at one of the restaurants on the busy harbour front. Crêpes for the girls and seafood for me.

This was the view from our table. Florence just about sat through dinner with the promise of a ride on the carousel!

Red car
She has only just started to really enjoy carousel rides and she always chooses the car. Less scary than the horses!

Her sisters, however still love the horses.

Honfleur sunset
We had a wonderful day out at the seaside. All the better for being completely spontaneous. I hope we get to go back again soon.


  1. Yes, there is something about the heat & a beach! We too have been enjoying the heat and finding all kinds of beaches - lakes, more lakes and of course the Ocean. With this heat - any kind of water is refreshing and desired! Love your photos - Deauville & Honfleur look like such beautiful spots. Thanks for sharing...will add them to the to be visited list! Sounds like you are having the same kind of summer as us...lazy, hot and fun! We will be off to the Dordogne on August 3rd for 10 days - but other than that it's just fun to continue to explore our area and discover near places. Happy Summer!

  2. Honfleur is such a lovely town and well worth a full exploration! What a gorgeous beach! The Florida beaches have taken an enormous hit this past year, with Hurricane Sandy and the very wet and windy spring. Hopefully the dire predictions for this year's hurricane season won't come to pass. Hugs to Georgia and Savannah. Cheers, Maureen

  3. What a nice day! The closest I ever got to there was Ouisterham...we are enjoying hot beach days down here too. Cheers!

    1. It was well worth the drive out there to feel the sand between our toes and to jump in the sea!

  4. What an awesome day - you're a great mum. Honfleur is lovely, even in winter when we went (and consoled ourselves over the rain with apple liquors). Thanks for the great pics, it was great to 'visit' again!

  5. bonjour nicky! i just posted about not missing paris right now..however, these photos are making me long for "home" ! when we return to paris..i MUST get directions from you to this amazing beach and town!! love your photos!! looks like you're enjoying summer! xo

  6. Well, you're the boss - pick a day to go back!

  7. Great post & pics Nicky! We haven't made it out that way yet, but your post has me inspired to plan this trip for soon after we get back - maybe we'll even stay for a night to make it last longer. See you soon!


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