Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Wild Berries. One


Weekly portraits of my children inspired by You Are My Wild

Have you seen the You Are My Wild photo project? A group of fourteen professional photographers have been taking weekly portraits of their own children, just as they are - no styling, once a week since the start of the year. Their blog is my favourite place to go and I never miss a post. Each portrait is gorgeous and stunning and unique and every week I wish I had a portrait like that of one of my children. The project just passed its halfway mark and so I have decided to follow along until the end of the year in the hopes of capturing a slice of our life and improving my photography along the way.

I'm going to start with India, partly because she's the oldest, partly because she's almost a teenager and she doesn't always want to be in front of the camera any more but also because the title of this project is taken from You Are My I Love You one of the first picture books I ever bought for her, now a family favourite that we are still reading to Florence.

I love this photo for the reminder of a perfect day out, the golden light and the meeting of teenage sophistication and childhood joy. Rocking my beach hat but endearingly still wearing the dress I made for her last year. This is the girl who took make up to the beach but jumped at the chance to ride a carousel pony with her sisters.


  1. Gorgeous shot! Love how you captured the light. -- Maureen

  2. Lordy, that website was a time suck, such beautiful pics I couldn't stop scrolling.
    You've chosen a gorgeous one to start off with, and I love your commentary on it - the 'caught between teen and child' age.
    I really love the colours in this one too - the neutrals with the pop of turquoise in the background.

  3. I follow that blog as well. I think I found it here! I think this is a grand idea Nicky. You have such beautiful girls to photograph.

    India is indeed growing up. Love this portrait.
    XXX to you and your sweet family,

  4. Great photo! What a wonderful idea! Yes, I totally get this lovely age...'caught between teen and child"! My oldest is in the same day she frolics with her sisters, the next it's some make up and texting away on the phone! When she came home from 2 weeks away at camp, I could have sworn someone sent me a 16 year old home! So beautiful to watch girls grow and change - they are all flowers blooming! I love all the photos you take of your girls - they are all gorgegous and you have a great knack of catching them perfectly! Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. Great capture of a beautiful girl. I really love this one of India. Miss you guys!


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