Friday, February 15, 2013

Party in Paris

Paris Party 1
It was India's twelfth birthday this week. She wanted a simple celebration with a few friends. This is where we went. The ice rink in front of the Hôtel de Ville. An impressive backdrop for what was probably the easiest birthday party I've ever planned.

Paris Party 2
Seven girls and I set off into Paris on the train after school on Friday. I'd packed snack bags to keep them going until dinner and threw in a few party favours I'd picked up in Super U that morning. The masks were a surprise hit. The girls wore them on the train, in the metro and the whole time they were skating, much to the amusement of commuters and passers by!

Paris Party 3
The rink at the Hôtel de Ville is the last of the Holiday Season's temporary ice rinks in Paris to remain open. It costs just five euros to rent skates and the crowds have gone at this time of year. After dark, lights on the roof sparkle all night long.

Paris Party 4
It was a cold night but the girls were happy skating for an hour while I watched and worked on my night photography.

Paris Party 7
People come from all over the world to see the view from our local ice rink!

Paris Party 5
Once they we were done skating we warmed up with some street snacks, churros, nutella crêpes and the biggest Barbapapa (cotton candy) I've ever seen that was inhaled before I could get my camera out to snap a photo!

Paris Party 6
India has a pretty sophisticated bunch of friends, but they couldn't resist the carousel this night, especially as they got this beautiful double decker ride all to themselves.

Paris Party 8
After the fun at the Hôtel de Ville, we braved the metro once again to get to our dinner date at Chipotle. The beauty and cuisine of Paris is lost on these girls most of the time, what they really want is a good burrito and a Dr. Pepper. This was my first visit to the Paris Chipotle which opened last May and it was the perfect place to take these girls for a birthday dinner. The servers were patient while they slowly made their choices (in English) and then changed their mind. We had a big table tucked away upstairs all to ourselves and no one cared when the noise level rose - and rose!

Paris Party 9
It's not always (ever?) easy being a parent to a sixth grader. We are finding it a challenge as we navigate this path for the first time, but on this night the girls smiled and laughed and were polite and couldn't believe it when I said yes to all their requests for treats. For my birthday girl I was happy to indulge.

Paris Party 10
And the highlight of the party? Checking out the cool shoes on the last day of les soldes!

India was born on my 28th birthday so you can do the maths and figure out that this year's number was a big one for me! Not content with Paris on my doorstep, I'm getting on a plane in a few hours to spend the weekend with Keith in Rome. It's our first visit. If you have any must do's please let us know.

Bon weekend!


  1. What a fantastic 12th birthday! It reminds me of my 10th - ice skating at Rockefeller Center and then lunch at Del Taco! It was one of my favorites :)
    I hope you have a fantastic celebration in Rome! xo

  2. Happy Birthday to you (and your daughter)!! Your daughter's 12th b-day party looks like it was one to remember. She must have been over-the-moon happy afterwards.

    Enjoy your time in Rome. It's such an amazing city with so much to see and do. Lots of birthday wishes to you from Italy. Jill x

  3. Seems like more fun than Disneyland.

  4. Hang out and relax at the Trevi Fountain & Spanish Steps. Stop in at one of the amazing delicatessens for snacks and make either place a spot for a picnic!

  5. What could be better than a birthday party in Paris!!

    You will chuckle over this Nicky. I have a photo of the lady selling the treats. I saw the sign saying "Barbapapa" and thought that was her name and the name of the gentleman with her! My blog readers that speak French got a kick out of that one. Now I know what it means.

    Joyeux anniversaire chère India!

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