Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We love Mondays


The girls had a couple of extra days off school this weekend while the teachers did some Professional Development. They (the girls not the teachers!) decided this would be the perfect opportunity to go to Disneyland. They pooled their pocket money, did chores without complaining and convinced me there would be no queues on a wet February Monday. They were right. The waits were short, the rain stopped and everyone had a great time. We met up with some friends, so while they took the big girls on the scary rides, Florence and I hung out in Fantasyland. She doesn't watch the Disney Channel or know who the princesses are but she was beside herself with excitement to be there! And the best thing about Disneyland Paris? Nutella Crêpes!

Happy World Nutella Day!


  1. It's heartening to read that your girls did chores and used their pocket money to contribute to their day out. You're teaching them wonderful values that will stand them in good stead for the future and they experienced rewards for their efforts. A bientot.

  2. my kids can't wait to visit disneyland paris! (me, not so much)...glad to hear you had a fun day off! :)

  3. Our best time in Disneyland (California) was also a wet day in February during the week - no long lines, we got to stay on the circular rides (after three times around the Pirates of the Caribbean we had to scream for them to stop the boat and let us off. Only so much Yo-ho-ho you can take.
    Glad they had a good time.

  4. When my twins turned 5 we took them to Disneyland Paris. It was a cold and rainy day but my kids thought it was great. Are you far from there? I love the fact your kids put their pocket money together to help pay for the tickets! I think they appreciate the day that much more that way. J x

  5. That's definitely the best Monday ever!!!

  6. I came over from viewsfrommykitchensink and clicked on the EuroDisney pic. I wailed "NO!" inside my head when I saw the "20" numbers all lit up. It just can't be 20 years since EuroDisney opened and we took our family to see it!! Oh dear, I just don't realize how long it has been since we lived in Vaureal, France.
    Well, it's been fun visiting your blog!


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