Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What a week!

The weather was so lovely last week that I took a little vacation from my life - the one where I make sure my children are fed and have clean clothes - to really enjoy Paris! I've said it before and I'll say it again, the housework will always be there but a week of gorgeous spring weather with Paris on my doorstep is a luxury not to be passed up.

We started the week with a family outing along the Seine on a Bateau Mouche. 100% tourists but a great way to see all the sites in one afternoon!

Tuesday really was going to be my laundry day but when a friend asked if I wanted to see the Robert Doisneau exhibition in the Hotel de Ville, I just couldn't resist another day out in Paris. Halte Garderie was full so I braved another Paris museum with Florence in tow and we both loved it.

On Friday I was back in Paris again this time to meet up with one of my few but faithful blog followers, the delightful Genie from Paris and Beyond. If you read her blog you will know that she visits Paris often, but this was the first time ever that she had been accompanied by her husband! The sun shone down on them from the beginning to the end of their week long visit and knowing what a treat it was for her to be here was the motivation for me to get out and enjoy it all too. We met in Parc Monceau, somewhere else new to me in Paris, but a favourite spot for Genie.

Monceau. Ducks
Florence loved the ducks and chased the pigeons.

Monceau. Side
Then had the time of her life coming down the fastest slide in Paris.

Monceau. Genie
After a very pleasant hour spent chatting, photographing and discovering much that we have in common, Genie and her husband walked off into the Paris spring and Florence and I set off in the car round the périphérique and back home.

On Saturday the sunshine was gone and real life came back with a jolt. I spent the rest of the weekend teaching, what seemed like every English speaking eleven year old girl outside Paris, to sew!

Dresses. Detail
Nine flapper dresses were whipped up for India's school musical. (More on that later!)

And her girl scout troop all made sit-upons at the meeting we hosted on Sunday. We used this tutorial should you be in urgent need of one yourself!

Finally merci to Véronique for so sweetly mentioning me in her post this week and welcome if you are visiting from 'Seattle'!

Now I really MUST go and do some laundry!


  1. Bonjour Nicola! Well, it sounds like a fun-filled week to me, and how wise you were to leave house chores behind and enjoy the beautiful weather in downtown Paris. AND you got to see the Doisneau exhibit and meet Genie and her husband at the Parc Monceau! I am sure your children know the place already, but my son - who is now 12 - has always enjoyed his visits au Jardin d'Acclimatation. It's not too far from you since you live in the Western suburbs. Oh, and I agree with you: Les Bateaux-Mouche are always worth riding. If we stayed away from "touristy" things in Paris, we would hardly set a foot outside! A bientôt, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Absolutely right - you have to enjoy the weather when it's there. Sounds like you did just that!

  3. How could I have missed this!! What a wonderful visit we had and I look forward to meeting the other little "berries"!


  4. Loved the pictures esp. the sweet little girl's sticking to the wall. Should have been a great week for the kids :)

  5. When I saw the last photo, I said to myself that looks like a sit-upon. Then I read the caption. Oh, my goodness. I am 66 years young and when I was a little girl in Girl Scouts we made sit-upons. What a surprise it was to see that girls are still making the same crafts. It made my heart kind of happy. Connie :)


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