Thursday, April 5, 2012

Teddy Berry goes camping

Teddy asleep
Here's a little project that I made back in February for India's birthday when I found a wish list on her desk that asked for 'something handmade' in addition to clothes from Abercrombie and a new ballet leotard! I'd seen the sleeping bag on Gail's blog Probably Actually, my #1 sewing blog find of 2012. The pattern itself was designed by Florence of Flossie Teacakes, my #2 sewing blog find of 2012!

Teddy awake
When I saw the original pattern I knew I had to make it for India, even though at eleven she's getting a bit old for such things, because the teddy who inspired the pattern is the girl version of our very own Teddy Berry! The pattern which you can download as a pdf is very easy to follow and encapsulates all the basic techniques you need to make a quilt. Just like making a mini quilt but with a more entertaining end product. I used fabric from a Heather Ross Far Far Away III fat quarter bundle that I bought on a whim while I was building up my stash before we left the States. I've never been able to see myself using these highly pictorial prints for clothing like so many people do, but they were perfect for this project and if you check out the Flossie Teacakes Flickr pool, seemingly de rigueur for this pattern!

Sleeping bag. Detail
I chose to hand quilt the cover so that I could pick out the detail in the fabric design and because I just prefer hand quilting! I doodled a lasso motif and stitched around the outline of the little girl playing with her ponies. If wish I had drawn an outline of the final size of the sleeping bag before I started quilting as you can see I cut it pretty fine at this bottom corner. The pattern calls for you to make a quilt sandwich quite a bit bigger than the finished cover to allow for wiggle room, but if you already have experience of putting together quilts, you could allow for less movement as on this small scale the layers didn't really shift at all and I ended up wasting quite a bit of the precious fabric.

Sleeping bag. Back
Here's the back. Attaching the binding gives you practice at curved corners and hand finishing.

Teddy gets up
The perfect little quilting project to get your teddies ready for camping season! I have three more on my to sew list because of course, every Berry Bear has to have one now!


  1. That's the problem with four kids, isn't it? Have to keep it fair and even. Great use of the Heather Ross - I'm like you, I don't buy the prints like this as I can't see me using them, but this is the perfect project. (That said, I'm eyeing off some of that Ruby Star Rising for an iPad pouch, so there you go!) Happy Easter!

  2. I love this and the fabric is just darling. The hand stitching add the perfect touch. I can see my kids coming up with lots of other uses for this pattern as well--mailbox, notebook holder etc.

  3. What a gorgeous version - I love it! How lovely that it's exactly the same bear too (oddly, although ours wears girls clothing, he is always referrred to as being a male bear too as he has a very ungirly face).

    The Heather Ross fabric envy only continues on my part - I've never owned any and it's beautiful! I live the guitars too.



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