Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

I'm aware that this blog has been turning into a Christmas letter of fabulous things we have done in Paris recently, so to bring it all down to earth, today I bring you this...

Easter 6
...eight months and eight days since we moved into our French house, I finally unpacked the last of the moving boxes! You can see the floor in our basement! I found the beach toys one week before we leave for a trip to the sea! A wet and windy Bank Holiday Monday spent very productively.

In more picturesque and festive news, we had a pleasant and peaceful Easter here with a flurry of last minute making and baking on my part.

Easter 1
Sleepy Bunny bags made with this pattern.

Easter 4 Homemade Hot Cross Buns.

Easter 2
Delicious French Easter chocolate from our favourite boulanger.

Easter 3 Florence's first egg hunt but fun for all the family. Simple Spring basket pattern here

Easter 5
A traditional simnel cake that flooded the oven with butter, but turned out quite good in the end!

How was your long weekend?

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  1. Lovely! So glad you're able to put unpacking behind you! Happy belated Easter!


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