Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A weekend in Paris

Paris weekend 6
As we begin to feel a bit more settled here in France, we are finally getting out and about more in Paris. For my birthday weekend, Keith and I took advantage of the fact that my Mum was visiting us to leave the girls at home and spend a night in the city.

Paris weekend 11
We stayed on Rue Scribe in the appropriately named and luxurious Hotel Scribe right in the heart of the historic Opera district.

Paris weekend 1
We spent Saturday afternoon checking out the last day of les soldes in Galeries Lafayette. An incredible theatre for shopping. Then miraculously fourteen of our friends had managed to find a babysitter and joined us for dinner at Brasserie Gallopin. I was having too much of a good time to take any decent photos but this is what the restaurant looked like. Everything you would imagine a Paris brasserie should be with excellent food and service to go with the good looks. We would definitely recommend.

Paris weekend 3
We woke up on Sunday to blue skies and sunshine so after breakfast we set out into what turned out to be the last day of the big freeze to explore some of the most famous sights of Paris.

Paris weekend 4
In Place de L'Opera, the stunning Opera National de Paris glistened in the winter sunshine.

Paris weekend 5
Paris weekend 2
We walked down Avenue de L'Opera to the Louvre.

Paris weekend 7
I have yet to visit the museum since we moved here - don't worry I will - but Keith did take the big girls to see the Mona Lisa at Christmas. Believe it or not, they chose to go there rather than Disneyland!

Paris weekend 9
We carried on our walk through the Jardin de Tuileries.

Paris weekend 8
It was still so cold that the ponds were frozen over.

Paris weekend 10
Chilly weather for seagulls!

We walked back to Place Vendome past the Ritz and the high end boutiques and on Avenue de la Paix found this amazing window display in the Repetto store.

The history and fabrication of the tutu. This fascinating and gorgeous exhibition appealed to the sewer and former curator in me. An unexpected and unique end to one of the most famous walks around Paris.


  1. Gorgeous pics, what a wonderful weekend. Love the tutu window display, with all the shots of red and especially those funky vintagy looking light globes. How cool!

  2. How heavenly. Your weekend in Paris sounded just perfect. Repetto's windows always knock me out! During the soldes they had about a zillion pink satin toe shoes piled high. Amazing. Next trip you will have to ask your hubby to take you to the new resto at l'Opèra!. I took photographs through the fence. :)

    Thank you for these photos today, they brought back so many memories as we stay near there.

  3. I actually had dinner at the l'Opera restaurant in November and it was a treat to sit in the sumptuous banquettes of orange-red velvet.

    I cannot wait to see what the Repetto window holds next week, and I am hoping for a delightful spring theme. In January during the soldes they always have the pile of toe shoes, probably the remains of the ballet season. I am looking for tutus and tuille and gems... I'll report back as the apartment is only a few blocks away!

    So glad I got to see from your post what followed the soldes window display!



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