Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Sunday

Snow 1
We woke up yesterday morning to snow!

Snow 3
Snow 4
Snow 2
Snow 6
Snow 5
Snow 7
Snow 8

Snow 16
When we first told the girls last year that we would be moving one of the consoling thoughts to counter the grief of leaving their California home and friends was that we might get snow at our house in France. Exactly six months since we moved in, their wish came true. Although they have seen snow in the mountains on ski trips, there is nothing quite like waking up to see snow outside your bedroom window and the day did not disappoint. Already hardened to the cold by a week of freezing temperatures, they happily played outside in the snow for hours running back inside every so often to thaw out with a hot chocolate. There is something about water play, be it at the pool during summer or in wintry snow that allows them to forget any differences they have and play endlessly without argument. Those smiles - well worth all the puddles on my floor!

Snow 9
Snow 10
Snow 11
Snow 12
Snow 13
This was Alfie's first snow experience. Don't let that expression fool you - he enjoyed it!

Snow 14
They made a snowman of course...

Snow 15
...but the sledge was the highlight of the day!

Snow 17


  1. So wonderful! Beautiful photos Nicky. I love the one with the red shutter and the red iorn fence. Thanks for sharing your moment with us. I also love the one with Florence at the door. It is so nice to see all of your girls.

    1. They just needed your girls here for the perfect day! Today's a snow day so the fun continues...

  2. Yay! We have snow too! Crazy. I am just about over it though, and wouldn't mind if it melted away now. After our week in Italy I was actually looking forward to coming home to our mild winter but the weather had other plans. Enjoy!

  3. oh what a delight to find your blog today. Your snow photos and those of your precious girls are wonderful. I will be back often to visit!


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