Friday, September 6, 2013

My Wild Berries. Seven


Weekly portraits of my children inspired by You Are My Wild

La Rentrée

This has been our life for the last two weeks. Back to school, reuniting with friends we haven't seen all summer, homework and early bedtimes again. Florence started her first day of 'real' school. French school! So far she loves it. First day of school portraits have become an accidental tradition in our house and I love to look back on the photos from past years now. This year's made me smile. A sweet Daddy Daughter portrait for Florence's first day of Petite Section and a silly portrait (the only kind I got) of Georgia & Savannah's start to fourth grade and India's start to seventh grade.


  1. Petite section! I can't believe it. Where is the time going.
    Enjoy that time on your own (I'm jealous!) x

  2. Beautiful!! Wow Petite Section. I loved the French maternelle - We got to experience moyen section & grande section. It was such a great experience!! I'm sure she will love it and will be happy to be in school just like her big sisters!! Love the silly shot of the other girls - ours weren't quite so silly - but my youngest definitely knows how to make faces! My older two - well, I think they are just experts of "selfies"!! Happy weekend!

  3. The only serious ones guaranteed are when they are sleeping.

  4. First day of school! How exciting! And good on you to document it every year! The kids I work with have moved up to moyenne section and THAT got me nostalgic, so I can only imagine how a real mom feels watching her kids grow. : ) Happy rentrée!


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