Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Wild Berries. Two


Weekly portraits of my children inspired by You Are My Wild

Sunshine at Bedtime*

We have had the most amazing weather in Paris for the last three weeks. The best we have ever seen. We've spent as much time outside as possible, eating on the terrace and playing in the garden. It stays light so long at this time of year that bedtimes have been getting later and later. No point in worrying about it when there's no pressing need to get up early the next morning. This photo was taken after dinner one evening last week when Florence insisted on going back out to do 'jumpoling'. She bounced on the trampoline non stop for half an hour while I took photos and the light faded. Eventually she admitted she was tired and went to bed without a fuss even though it wasn't dark outside!

*From a poem in one of Florence's favourite books by Shirley Hughes that perfectly describes her summer; "Sunshine at bedtime, why isn't it dark?"


  1. Love it!! We too have been enjoying SUPER lovely weather! We just keep eating later and enjoying the evenings in the pool! We are off to the Dordogne this next week to spend a couple weeks "in the country". Looking forward to some r&r time. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. Gorgeous photo! In Victoria (Austrakia) we've had our warmest July on record - means a late ski season.


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