Friday, April 5, 2013



There's a lot going on around here and not much time for blogging. I owe you another post about Rome, our road trip to the mountains, all sorts of sewing projects and what to do in France when you find your house has been broken into. Sigh.

I'm also busy improving my photography skills again with Nicole's Classes. I finally took the plunge and started using Photoshop. What a difference it makes. The awesome straightening tool might be worth the price alone. I have the worst time keeping my horizons straight however hard I try! I've said it before and I'll say it again (just because I love them, not because the pay me to) that Nicole's Classes are great and I'd highly recommend you check them out.

I spent ages this time last year looking for an online photography class, but stumbled upon a link to Nicole's Classes after Sandra from Raincoast Cottage left a comment on one of my Love the Place you Live posts. This year she is hosting a weekly photo project Foliophoto with Bedsidesign. The prompt this week was Twins. Not too much of a stretch in this house but it reminded me of these fun photos I took of Georgia and Savannah as an assignment for my Babies, Toddlers and Kids class last October. It was supposed to be a fashiony shoot and at first they were reluctant to participate (even though the outfits were all their own styling!) but after a while they relaxed into it and these are my favourite shots. A little glimpse into the slight differences in their personalities on the left and then exuberant twininess on the right. We don't know for sure if they are identical twins, but the older they get the more convinced we become that they must be. They are best friends and worst enemies, often in the same minute, but they can't explain what it's like to be a twin. They're just sisters who are twins if you ask them!

Hope you enjoy these Spring like photos. It's the closest I can get you to a Paris Spring right now, the weather has been nothing like it was last year. It snowed again this morning!


  1. I am terrible at distinguishing identical twins from fraternal if they look even remotely similar, but your girls look pretty darn close to me! They are both so sweet- I love those laughs in that second photo. Sorry to hear about your(?) house getting broken into- that's terrible! Looking forward to catching up on more of your adventures!

  2. Oh dear, sorry to hear about your burglary too. I hope nothing important was taken.

    The photos of the girls are very merry, love the difference in colours they chose to wear.

  3. Oh God, not the Bernina?? Hope the arduous insurance process is resolving itself and you are getting over the nasty shock of the burglary.
    Your new lens and the course are paying off, plus you'll have some lovely keepsakes once the homework is completed.
    I can't believe you have snow! You must be so ready for spring, you poor thing. x x

  4. Oh I know all about getting broken into and twins! Your girls are gorgeous and that first shot really shows 2 girls with 2 distinct personalities. My girls are definitely fraternal (they even have different blood types) but I have to admit yours look a lot alike!

    I'm also getting fed up of this horrible weather. We've had grey skies and rain for almost a month. All I want to do is curl up and nap.

    ps. Are you going to The Hive Blogging Conference in Berlin next month? I went last year and it's a great time. You should come and have a kid free week-end among fellow bloggers!

  5. How fun to have TWINS as a photo assignment. I love seeing the girls on your pretty terrace. Hugs to the whole fam.

  6. Adorable and creative, ma chère. What a fashion sense in these two young twins! I have another cutie that you will recognize on my post tomorrow.

    I hope that you are doing well. I was sorry to read that your home was broken into. Thanks for the suggestion of Nicole's Classes!


  7. They look as colorful as the macaroons in the last post

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