Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland 1
We've had some snow here in France.

Winter Wonderland 2
A lot of snow for here and just like last year most of it arrived on Saturday night. All the better for playing in, but this being France, snow ploughs don't work on Sundays!

Winter Wonderland 3
While we figured out how to rescue Georgia & Savannah from their Saturday night sleepover, the rest of us walked down to the market to find something for dinner.

Winter Wonderland 4
This being France, the markets don't stop for anything (not even Christmas Day). Normally open to the elements, Sunday's temporary, snow covered roof created a cozy atmosphere for all the shoppers who had ventured out.

Winter Wonderland 5
The hill that provides me with my weekly workout carrying home the groceries was transformed into the perfect sledging hill for India & Florence.

Winter Wonderland 6

Winter Wonderland 7
We did eventually get Georgia and Savannah back with plenty of time for an afternoon of snowball fights and sledging through the woods.

Winter Wonderland 8
And after a day spent energetically outside we had our first slices of the Christmas cake that I finally got around to decorating this weekend. Well worth the wait!


  1. The snow looks fantastic! We didn't get any snow down here - but lots of rain! I think I would rather have snow! These days have been a little bit too gray for me and too much rain! Anyway, I know my girls would be jealous, they miss the snow. Great photos! I love the one India on the sled! It's so nice to watch kids at all ages just be kids in the snow! Have a great week. (Would love hear your take on my latest post...especially what you see in Paris..)

  2. it was so amazing to see paris covered in snow! enjoy the day off!

  3. Does look like you had fun with it!

  4. Have been thinking of you! Please send your address along-I misplaced the return address from your card. I connected with Kirsten Riker recenlty. She is ocming to my school to do an assembly. Love to hear your news. Photos are outstadning, Nicky! Your girls are beautiful!

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