Monday, October 29, 2012


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Last week, Florence and I headed over to Les Fermes de Gally to pick out some pumpkins for our neighbourhood's early Halloween Celebrations. It was a foggy, damp morning and we had the place to ourselves. When we discovered that Paris had it's very own Pumpkin Patch last year, Florence still wasn't walking and had to be carried around in the baby carrier. What a difference a year makes! This year she revelled in the chance to pick out her own pumpkin and stomp around in the mud.

I'm not sure when the next Love the Place you Live link up will be over at Design Mom, but Les Fermes des Gally is a definite contender in the Berry household. It really is just a ten minute drive from our house and only half an hour from Paris, yet it's such a wonderful country experience. You can pick your own produce year round. Apples are in season right now if you don't need a giant pumpkin and the farm also runs fun classes for kids and has a wonderful café and shop complete with live laying chickens that Florence loves to visit. It's one of those places we don't always remember is on our doorstep, but this year I am going to try and get there as often as possible. Without doubt we will be back in time to pick out a Christmas tree.

P.S. My photographs of Florence (and the big girls) are getting better thanks to another photography class I've been taking over at Nicole's Classes this month. Babies, Toddlers & Kids. I am so thrilled that one of my homework submissions made it onto their blog this week. Florence enjoying ice cream for breakfast. One of my most treasured photos that I could not have captured before I started taking the classes. (She was in the shade, I had to adjust the exposure big time. Photography geeks reading this blog will get it!!)


  1. I had a look at your submission on Nicole's page. Well done you captured a lovely childhood moment.

  2. Bonjout Nicky. Yeah, you! You found pumpkins in Paris! You should let all your American contacts know. I have heard many cries of despair over the last few days... :-) Loved your pics of the young Mademoiselle! You have put the photography workshop to good use. Curious: What is your camera of choice these days? A bientot, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. I am so happy to see your link for Nicole's classes... I have been wanting to find a good, reliable, online class for photography and photoshop. (I got Photoshop Elements last Christmas and still have yet to figure out how it works!) I am assuming you have enjoyed it so far and recommend it? Hope you are doing well :)

  4. With those big pumpkins, it almost looks like you're in the US! :)

  5. Yes, I thought pumpkin patches were a US thing. I picture more aubergine patches in France.

  6. Really lovely photos. I love that wheelbarrow shot. And your daughter is absolutely gorgeous. And as a photography geek, I totally get it about adjusting exposure.


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