Friday, September 7, 2012

La Rentrée

Spain 1
Well, hello again! Did you miss me? It's nice to be back from a very refreshing break in real life and on the blog. We came back from our two weeks in Spain and dived straight into the first week of school. Two weeks on we are getting used to the new routine, new classes, new teachers, new friends, but with with the comforting feeling of it all being familiar and so much easier than this time last year when we had just arrived in France. A year ago today I was taking delivery of our sea shipment and our house was thrown into a chaos from which it still hasn't fully recovered. Witness three P.E. kits going A.W.O.L. for the first week of school!

Spain 2
Our time in Spain seems like a distant memory already, but a treasured one. We stayed not far from Sitjes in another house on top of a mountain.

Spain 3
It had a pool with a view that Georgia and Savannah spent every waking moment playing in. Florence was happier chilling out in her boat (pronounced "gook" rhymes with "book" an all purpose word for anything that starts with a B!).

Spain 4
A rare moment in front of the camera and in the pool for me!

Spain 5
Being an island girl, I prefer swimming in the sea and there was plenty of beach time too.

Spain 6
Spain 7
Spain 8
And, of course, those ice creams for breakfast!

Spain 9
We did make it into Barcelona a few times too for a bit of culture and I have a few more travel posts lined up for you after this self indulgent sharing of the holiday snaps! It's good to be back.


  1. Love the photos - I agree it's good to be back! We just started school this week with a couple of abbreviated days - so full routine kicks in next week. Activities have began and mom "the taxi" has returned full force! It's also nice to have it be somewhat familar (we didn't start until November last year - so this is our "official" first new year start) but there is a certain comfort in knowing more. Bonne Rentree!

  2. Happy early birthday to the ladies! Miss you and love the pics from your vacation!

  3. Welcome back! Glad to hear you had fun and that la rentrée went well. Looking forward to your Barcelona snaps - it's such a lovely place.

  4. Oh I can't even tell you how these photographs made me smile. You are so talented but your family is just a delight.
    It must be so wonderful to have Europe at your doorstep for vacances. Happy Days!

  5. Lovely photos of you all! Looks like a great trip & I still need to hear all about it!


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