Friday, September 21, 2012

French Laundry 101

Laundry 4
Turn this...

Laundry 2
into this...

Laundry 1
with this!

Laundry 3
I'm not sure it will be much help with this though. Florence did not vanish she was busy decorating our sheets with a permanent marker. Sigh. Luckily it's an easily replaceable white sheet and not India's much loved handmade quilt which was also on the bed and avoided being turned into toddler artwork by millimeters. There would have been tears. I think it's time for what's left of this sheet to be put away for upcycling. In fact I might just have had an idea for a Halloween costume...

If you want to see Florence in more angelic times she's making a guest appearance over at Paris and Beyond this week.

Bon Weekend!


  1. Precious angel? Well, at least she is well rounded and that first shot is just too funny! I think that she is destined to be an artist, from chocolate to markers. She will be famous!

    ...still adorable!


  2. Florence is a girl after my own heart. You keep coloring outside the lines sweet one but NOT with Maman's permanent marker!!!

    Now I'm buying some of this magical stain remover when I'm in Paris. I"M the one that needs it for myself! :)
    Bon dimanche,

  3. Sweet Florence! She is adorable and I LOVE her dress - little girls just love playing with felts and their canvas knows no bounds!!!

    I've just returned from France where my daughter lives and she has three little girls!
    They live in northern Burgundy - an hour from Paris by train.

    I took charge of the laundry and ironing while I was there and Vanish became my trusty friend too!

    I love your blog and I'm your newest follower.

    Shane in New Zealand

  4. She is adorable! So happy to be your new friend online..and off! Looking forward to meeting up with you next week! :)


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