Friday, March 9, 2012

Ski Week in Saas-Fee

Cable Cars
Last week was half term, popularly referred to at the girls school as 'ski week' and we spent our week skiing in the Swiss resort of Saas-Fee. Elevation 1800m, slightly lower than the mountain of laundry I've been tackling ever since we got back!

Our chalet was on the edge of the village just a short walk to the slopes. One of the main reasons we chose it was the fact that there was childcare for Florence in the hotel itself and it was certainly nice not to have to bundle her up in snow gear and take her out in the cold every morning before heading out to the slopes ourselves. The girls had ski lessons each morning and then we met them for lunch and a bit of family skiing every afternoon. In the evenings the kids had an early tea and then the adult guests ate together dinner party style. The other families staying were coincidentally all ex-pats like us so we found we had plenty in common and the children were all just the right age to play together nicely. Everything was going swimmingly until a rampant tummy bug swept through the hotel so that you were never quite sure who was going to show up for dinner from one night to the next! It was disappointing to get sick while we were on holiday, but we soldiered on and managed not to miss too much skiing.

Saas Fee 4
The weather was beautiful for the whole week with some of the warmest temperatures we've felt for weeks. A thaw was in full flood when I went out to take these pictures.

Saas Fee 2
Traditional raccards (granaries) now apparently used as storage for gear not food.
Saas Fee 3
Saas Fee 1
Saas Fee 5
Lots of the more modern buildings had murals painted on them. This was one of my favourites.

And finally...while researching this post I discovered that the music video for Wham's classic Last Christmas was filmed in Saas-Fee! So for your viewing pleasure, George, Andy and friends heading up the Felskinn lift.

Now you know where we were!

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  1. Oh yes, smouldering George in a fur-lined coat, my weekend is complete and it's only Friday night! Had no idea that clip was filmed there. Glad you had a great week (tummy bug excluded) and came back everything intact. Good luck with the laundry!


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