Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bonne Fête à moi


I discovered quite by chance today that December 6th is my fête or name day. It would have passed unnoticed except for the fact that I happened to call a prospective French teacher who shares my name and she was delighted to meet another Nicole on our special day.

In fact my name is Nicola, very popular for baby girls in 1970s Britain, but in France that spelling is assumed to be the male form of the name and it causes no end of confusion for me here. The letter in the photo was written by a French exchange friend I had when I was ten. (I found it in a pile of letters in my old bedroom at home this summer. It was written in December 1983!). She at least knew I was a girl, the year before I had been paired with a boy when the French school mistakenly assumed the Nicola on their list must be male - I was not happy!

Apparently it is still the custom in France for people to receive small gifts on their fête. None have been forthcoming, but it would make what's left of my day if you'll leave a comment and let me know you came to visit!



  1. Happy name day! It's interesting that the "a" ending of your name is masculine in French. In Spanish, the opposite is true. Are you going by Nicole now that you're in France, or are you just going to correct people until they adjust?

  2. I love it. I had no idea I had an official name day. Next year we shall celebrate our new holiday. How do we celebrate? Happy name day to you and me! Cheers! Nicole

  3. Happy name day. Kirsty doesn't make the French saints' list. Perhaps I could be the first? Not bloody likely. Have a great day!

  4. Happy belated name day! I wonder if there is a Noreen day?


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