Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunshine Love

Blue skies
It seems my farewell to summer post was premature as Autumn in Paris has so far brought us the most glorious California Blue Sky days - and temperatures - for the last twelve days! The summer clothes have been welcomed out of storage and my boots banished once more to the back of the newly built Ikea wardrobe. The knowledge that we would almost certainly wake up to warm temperatures and cloudless blue skies from May to October was one of the things we most loved about living in California and it is so far at the top of our What We Miss list after experiencing a cold and rainy Paris Summer.

Al Fresco
However, although you can't beat the perfect climate of Northern California all those sunny days don't quite have the power to lift the spirit as an unexpected warm and sunny day will do in Northern Europe. We have so appreciated each and every day of this glorious Indian Summer (although not without a twinge of worry about the global implications of this unseasonal weather). Enjoying our meals outside, wearing mama made sundresses just one more time and making the most of our walks to the weekend market.

Weekend Walk
In this weather you can't even be mad when after making the hot, steep walk down to the market you discover that the baby took all your Euros and your Carte Bleu out of your wallet and you are going to have to walk all the way back up to the house to retrieve them!

Sunny berries
Today, the trees in our garden were raining leaves all day long - much to the consternation of the dog - and I suspect that this post will herald a return to the weather's business as usual but we will enjoy the sight of holly berries basking in the sunshine as long as we can!

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  1. I'm so glad you are enjoying some nice weather! Here in Kentucky it's starting to warm back up after some unseasonably cold (and rainy) days. It makes me grateful it's not quite cold weather time yet. Your baby is absolutely gorgeous, and I love your sweet blonde girls in their skirts. Beautiful pictures.


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